Adding Users that can be assigned a work order / Ticket

For adding employees that you want to assign calls and send work order to you must have appropriate permissions.


 Under Engineering or Administrator menus, select "Employees"

Click Add New then fill in the blanks.  It is important that you select the department . You may enter more than one department here. This is how areas are divided up for call distribution.  


Phone number: (Cell Phone) Enter this with no spaces or dashes example : 5555551212 is the correct format. Carrier and phone number format are important for correct work orders to delivered.   IF YOU ARE NOT GETTING TICKETS ON YOUR PHONE, CHECK THE NUMEBR AND CARRIER!!!

Carrier : This is the cell phone provider like ATT, Verizon, Sprint, etc.   







If you are not sure what the carrier is, ask the employee who they pay their bill to. If the carrier is not in the list Open a browser and search    "email text message to carrier"  where carrier is the name of the cell phone provider.










If all else fails, feel free to open a ticket at 

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